Braden and Bella 

Episode 11

(Sir Lucas, Bella, Courtney, Amy and Maureen lodge in a hotel)

Amy: (sobs) I said it. I had a feeling this journey will be perilous and I was right. So far we've lost Irene, Rayna and Claire. Who knows what's going to happen next? 

(Sir Lucas enters their room)

Sir Lucas: I know you're all devastated about the death of your friends but remember that life has to to go on. Anyways, The reason I'm here is to let you know that you're are gonna have to work one more time.

Maureen: What? 

Sir Lucas: You heard me! 

Maureen: What about the $7,000 that we made? I thought you said that'll keep us going? 

Sir Lucas: Yea but I had to give it to Trevor so that he can pay for the boat that'll take us across the Mississippi. 

Courtney: Fine. But this time EVERYBODY must work! Maureen, Amy and I won't be working while some other idiot will be enjoying the forbidden fruit. 

(Bella glances at her in anger)

Sir Lucas: There's a brothel just few kilometers away. Just get ready, I'll arrange some men right away. 

(He leaves the room)

Courtney: (To Bella) You better start dressing up with the rest of us because  there's no way you'll stay here while the rest of us will be suffering! 

Amy: Courtney leave the girl. If Sir Lucas wants her to work, She'll work. 

Courtney: That's a different case. He doesn't want her to work! (To Bella) I've already said all I need to say. And if you love your damn self, You better do exactly as I told you! 

(Few minutes later, Sir Lucas returns to the room)

Sir Lucas: I'm really sorry Bella but the men requested for one more girl. (sighs) You're going to have to do this. 

Bella: (looks at him with tear-filled eyes)

Courtney: (laughs at her mockingly)

Bella: (teary) But you promised... 

Sir Lucas: (shildy) I'm really sorry. 

(Later on) 

Courtney: (To Bella) Bitch, At the end of the day, Aren't you still going to work? Or do you think the rest of us will be trading our bodies while you'll be relaxing and enjoying the money we're making forever? (giggles scornfully) I'm so glad Sir Lucas is coming back to his senses. This is just the beginning! 

Bella: (crying)

Courtney: (hisses) Get out! 

(Courtney violently shoves Bella aside as she goes to fetch her gown)

Amy: Courtney! 

Bella: (crying) I can't do this.... 

Courtney: (turns to face her) You can't do what?  (laughs hysterically) You must be joking! 

Maureen: It's alright Bella, All these will come to an end one day. We'll soon get to Mexico City - A city of riches and wonders. We'll work in Madame Laho's beauty company and make enough money, We'll become rich. Okay? 

Bella: (nods her head as she cleans her tears)

Courtney: Maureen why're you sympathizing with her? Isn't this what we've been going through while she's been sleeping with Sir Lucas? (To Bella) It's high time girlfriend...(snaps her fingers) Get to work! 


(King Anderson's palace)

(Princess Madeline and Jax return from their date)

Maid 1 & Cook: Welcome back my princess. 

Princess Madeline: Thank you. 

Maid 1: (giggles) How was your date? 

Princess Madeline: It was lovely and... 

Jax: (interrupts her) What's you business you silly maid?! You better mind you business and concentrate on the reason why you were fuckin' employed! 

Princess Madeline: Calm down Jax. She asked because she cares. (To Katrina) Isn't it? 

Maid 1: Yes. And I meant no harm. 

Jax: Whatever. (To Gladys) Gladys, My babe and I are hungry. Make us deep dish pizza then bring it to our room along with soda. 

(Princess Madeline and Jax leaves)

Maid 1: Look at them, Stupid people. The princess is rotten and even her so called boyfriend too is rotten. Imagine the way he  was speaking to us! 

Cook: Whatever. Let's just do what they asked. I don't want to get into trouble with the princess or the king. 

Maid 1: I even thought they've broken up. 

Cook: Well, It seems like they've gotten back together. 

Maid 1: I still wonder what that spoilt brat sees in that thug she calls a boyfriend! One day, He'll strangle her inside that room. 

(In the garage)

Servant: I feel for you bro. 

Braden: How?  

Servant: I even thought after the princess breaks up with Jax, She'll start dating someone better, Like you. Unfortunately she got back together with that deliquent! 

Braden: (chuckles) Come on. The princess can't possibly fall for someone like me. 

Servant: You're just downgrading yourself,  Besides anything is possible... 

(That night)

(Sir Lucas takes Bella, Courtney, Maureen and Amy to a brothel) 

Courtney: (impatient) Let's get this over with! 

(Four men walks up to them)

Man: Woah, Are these the girls? 

Sir Lucas: Yes. 

Man: (amazed) Good Lord, These girls are all gorgeous (looks at Bella) This one is by far the prettiest. (He touches Bella's chin but she removes his hand away from her face)

Sir Lucas: Since you've already paid me, You can take them. (To the girls) Give them optimum satisfaction. 

(The girls hisses at him)

Sir Lucas: (to the men) Sirs, Please go upstairs. The rooms downstairs are already occupied. 

Man: No worries. 

(The men takes Bella, Courtney, Maureen and Amy upstairs)

Sir Lucas: (takes out a large wad of cash out of his pocket) Hmm, Cool cash. 

(Just then, The police raids the brothel) 

Policeman 1: (points a gun at them) Everybody get down! 

Sir Lucas: Oh no.... 

(Sir Lucas manages to sneak upstairs to meet the girls)

Sir Lucas: Girls! We need to get out of here, The police are downstairs raiding the brothel and arresting people!

Courtney: (panicks) What do we do? 

Sir Lucas: We have to escape through the window! 

(Sir Lucas, Bella, Maureen, Courtney and Amy jumps out of the window then runs out of the brothel in haste)

Sir Lucas: Quickly! 

(They all run off)

Sir Lucas: Run faster! 

(Sir Lucas stops and turns left)

Sir Lucas: (to the girls) This way! 

Courtney: Oh God, It's so dark. I can't even see anything. 

Amy: Me too. 

Sir Lucas: Stop complaining and follow me! 

Courtney: (frustrated) What does it look like we're doing? 

(They all keep on running, At a point, Maureen stops running and sits on a rock)

Bella: (worried) Why're you stopping? 

Maureen: (pants heavily) I can't run any longer. I'm tired. 

Bella: Maureen please we have to keep going before the police catches us.... 

(Just then, Maureen shrieks in pain and stands up from the rock while clutching onto her leg)

Maureen: (shrieks) Ah! 

Bella: What's wrong? 

(Maureen sees something slithering away)

Maureen: A snake just bit me! 

Bella: (stares at her in worry) Oh no... 


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