Braden and Bella 

Episode 12

(At the sea side)

(Courtney and Amy try to warm themselves with their hands, Bella holds Maureen while Sir Lucas makes a phone call)

Sir Lucas: Trevor where are you? You need to hurry up over here, The girls are freezing. 

Trevor: (over the phone) I'm almost there. 

Sir Lucas: Okay... (He hangs up) Girls, Trevor is on his way with the boat that'll take us across the Mississippi directly to Mexico City. 

Bella: But where would we treat Maureen? She got bitten by a snake. 

Sir Lucas: The only thing we can do now is pray. Just think you're a step away from Mexico City, which you are, And I think that'll keep you alive. 

Courtney: (infuriated) Atleast give us some warm clothes to wear so that we can change out of this skimpy gowns. It's very cold out here! 

Sir Lucas: (sighs) Follow me. 

Courtney: (frustratedly) Until someone dies out here that's when you'll remember to give us clothes. (hisses)

(Sir Lucas walks into the woods and Courtney and Amy follows him, Bella holds Maureen as she limps into the woods)

Bella: It's alright. 

Maureen: (crying) I will not die, I will get to Mexico city, I will not die, I will get to Mexico city, I will not die, I will get to Mexico city...... 


(King Anderson's palace)

(Princess Madeline and Jax relax at the balcony)

Princess Madeline: I just love the evenings. How the breeze blows and everything, Its just so cool and comfortable. 

Jax: (chuckles) Me too. 

(Princess Madeline rests her head on Jax's chest)

Jax: So I was thinking babe, Where do you want us to go for a vacation? The Bahamas? Hawaii? Dubai? Paris? 

Princess Madeline: I don't want us to go anywhere. It's more relaxing at home. 

Jax: You're a home girl... 

Princess Madeline: It's better than being a nosy poker. 

Jax: (chuckles) Yeah... 

(He pulls her into a kiss)


(In the woods)

(Sir Lucas gathers some wood and makes a small fire to keep the girls warm)

Sir Lucas: I think this should keep your girls warm. 

Amy: Yea thank you. (She warms her hand near the fire)

Sir Lucas: You all should just wait here, I'll go look for a cure for Maureen. 

Bella: But where will you find a cure? 

Sir Lucas: Don't worry yourself about that. Just try to keep her alive till I get back. 

(Sir Lucas pecks Bella on the cheek) 

Sir Lucas: I'll be back love... 

Courtney: (hisses) 

(Sir Lucas leaves)  

Amy: If you guys knew that this is what we would face? Would you have still come on this perilous journey? 

Courtney: I definitely wouldn't. (sighs) My parents are dead, I was living with my aunt when the opportunity to go to Mexico City came. My aunt told me to go and never to return. And if I don't get to Mexico City, I should remain wherever I am. 

Amy: Well, My parent are still alive. They told me to go to Mexico city in search of greener pastures. They said I'm the hope of my family and I must not let them down. 

Maureen: (weakly) Should I shock you all? 

(Courtney and Amy turn to look at her)

Maureen: (weakly) I have a child. 

Courtney: Woah... 

Amy: Really? 

Maureen: Yes. I had a child out of wedlock, The father of my son ran away after he impregnated me and my parents refused to take the child. Luckily, The opportunity to go to Mexico city came and they decided to take in my child. They said that I should make sure I remember him when I get to Mexico city or else, They'll abandon him. 

Amy: (sighs) That's too sad

Courtney: Hmm, Story that touches. This is the plight of most young girls, You make a single mistake and the whole world drops down hard on you.... 

Maureen: (crying) I don't to die, I want to get to Mexico city (looks up to the sky) Lord please I don't want to die, I want to bring my son to stay with me in Mexico City.... 

Bella: (consoles her) It's alright. You'll surely get there. We'll all get there. 

Amy: Bella, What's your back story? 

Courtney: Amy what kind of silly question are you asking her? Obviously she doesn't have any. She's like an angel that fell from the sky. (To Bella) DO YOU HAVE?!!! 

Bella: (softly) Yes I do. And my story isn't too different from all yours...

Courtney: (sarcastic) Hmm...Really? 

Bella: Yes. My father was a heavy smoker and because of that, He and my mom got divorced, I decided to stay with him so I can take care of him and that's when the opportunity to go to Mexico city came, To cut the story short, I decided to come on this journey so I can start making enough money to help both my mother and my father.... 

Courtney: (interrupts her) Well it's your mother's fault. I blame her for copulating with your father to give birth to a nonentity like you! 

Bella: (warningly) Mind your tongue.

Courtney: Or else what?! All you know how to do is to sleep with Sir Lucas, Shameless thing! 

Bella: (getting angry) MIND YOUR TONGUE! 

Maureen: (shrieks) Ah! The pain... 

Bella: (holds her) Sorry, sorry....Don't worry, Sir Lucas is coming back with a cure. 

Maureen: (crying) I can't bear all these, The pain is too much... (looks at her swollen leg)

Bella: You'll be fine. 

(She rests Maureen's head on her shoulder)

Amy: But where on earth is Sir Lucas? He's supposed to have returned by now, I think he has abandoned us here. 

Bella: (reassuringly) No he hasn't. He'll come back soon. 

Amy: (doubtedly) What makes you so sure? 

Bella: Because.... 

Courtney: (cuts in rudely) Amy, What kind of silly question are you asking her? Have you forgotten that Sir Lucas is her boyfriend? That's why she knows! So she's so sure! 

Bella: (enraged) Courtney or whatever you call yourself, Look, I've had about enough of your taunts, You better take your time! 

Courtney: Eh, What will you do? Do you think Sir Lucas is here to fight for you? Trust me, I'm going to tear you to shreds! 

Bella: Oh you think I need someone to fight for me? (she retorts)

Amy: Alright that's enough guys. Let's not fight. 

(Courtney hisses at Bella) 

Bella: (visibly angered) This stupid girl has been frustrating me ever since and I've just been keeping quiet! 

Courtney: (infuriated) Keeping quiet, What will you do?!!! 

(Courtney stands up and walks to Bella but Amy holds her still) 

Courtney: (To Bella) WHAT THE FUCK WILL YOU DO?!!! 

Amy: Courtney stop! 

(Courtney breaks free and walks to Bella then knocks her hard on the head, Infuriated, Bella stands up and attacks her. Courtney and Bella arm wrestles for a moment before Bella headbutts her in the face, The impact of the hit sends Courtney to the ground, Bella then sits on her and starts hitting and slapping her everywhere she can as they roll in the mud) 

Amy: (tries futilely to separate them) Bella stop this! Courtney get up! 

Bella: (angry) Because I've been keeping quiet, You think I'm a fool? Huh? 

(Bella straddles Courtney and keeps on hitting and kicking her, Courtney tries to fight back but Bella holds her two hands firmly, Then swings her own arm at her, striking her across the face. Bella ferociously puts Courtney in a chokehold and presses her face to the ground, In her defense, She scratches Bella's lap, Agitated, Bella slaps her harder this time and continues pummeling her)

Courtney: (screams) Ahhh! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! 

Bella: (enraged) I'm fed with you! 

(Bella bites Courtney in the shoulder and kicks her in the side one more time then twists her arm)

Courtney: (crying) My arm!!! My arm!!!! (screams) Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! 

(In the midst of their fight, Maureen gives up the ghost)


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