Braden and Bella 

Episode 13

(Bella keeps on beating up Courtney, Amy attempts to intervene but gets shoved aside, Just then, Sir Lucas returns)

Sir Lucas: What's going on here?! 

(Bella frees Courtney and turns to look at him) 

Sir Lucas: Just few minutes that I was away and you girls are already misbehaving? (He notices Courtney clutching onto her arm) What's wrong with your arm? 

Courtney: (crying) She was the one...(points at Bella)

Sir Lucas: Ugh. where's Maureen? 

Bella: She's over there. (points to where she is) 

Sir Lucas: Apparently the snake that bit her was a rattlesnake, They're numerous here. Luckily I met someone who sold me an anti venom. 

(Sir Lucas walks to Maureen and checks her)

Sir Lucas: (turns to look at them sadly) Forget it. She's dead. 

Bella, Courtney & Amy: (gasps in shock)

(Just then, Sir Lucas phone beeps)

Sir Lucas: Ok girls, Trevor is here, He's waiting for us at the seashore, We need to start moving. 

(Sir Lucas leaves and Courtney & Amy sadly follows him, Bella stares at Maureen's dead body for a moment then walks to her) 

Bella: (crying) How unfortunate that you couldn't make it. (She closes Maureen's eyes) May your soul rest in peace. 

(She leaves the woods)

(At the seashore)

Sir Lucas: (To Trevor) What took you so long? 

Trevir: Just a slight problem. 

Sir Lucas: Alright girls. Go in. 

(Sir Lucas, Amy, Courtney and Bella enters the boat and Trevor drives off across the Mississippi)


(Marshall's residence) 

Mrs Marshall: Will, I'm headed to the supermarket to buy more laundry baskets. If you're hungry, I left a food flask containing rice and turkey on the dinner table. 

Mr Marshall: (hoarsely) Thank you... 

Mrs Marshall: You're welcome. Don't forget to take your drugs after eating. 

(She leaves the house)

Mr Marshall: (to himself) I'm so thirsty... 

(He flimsily stands up from the bed and goes to the kitchen) 

Mr Marshall: (clutching onto his chest in pain) Uhhh... 

(The pain reliefs him slightly then he pours himself a glass of water and drinks it, The pain returns again) 

Mr Marshall: Ahhh! My chest! 

(He collapses on the floor)


Mrs Marshall: (thinks) Two laundry baskets shouldn't cost more than $10, Atleast I have $12 on me....(checks her handbag) Where did I keep my purse? (recalls) Oh no, I forgot my purse at home on the dinner table, Ugh, I have to go back to get it. 

(Mrs Marshall returns to the house and finds Mr Marshall lying unconscious on the kitchen floor)

Mr Marshall: (shakes him) Will? Will? Will!!! (She notices he doesn't show any sign of consciousness) Oh no what's happening? 

(She calls the ambulance and few minutes later, They arrive to take him to the hospital) 

(In Mexico City)

Sir Lucas: Congratulations girls! We made it, We're in Mexico City. 

Bella: (looks around in amazement) Wow! 

Amy: (crying) After so many trials and tribulations, We finally made it. 

Bella: Awwnnn, You're crying? 

Amy: (cleans her tears) It's tears of joy. How I wish Maureen, Rayna, Irene and Claire were here. 

Courtney: Me too (excitedly) I'm so happy. We're finally here! 

Bella: Me too. 

(Bella hugs Courtney and Amy)

Sir Lucas: (To the girls) Follow me. 

(Sir Lucas takes them to Madame Laho's mansion) 

Sir Lucas: Welcome to my sister's mansion!!!  

Bella: (gasps in shock) Holy moley. This place is beyond wonderful. Infact, There are no words to describe it. 

Amy: It's phenomenal. 

Bella: (smiles) You found a word! 

Courtney: And look at the candelabra, glass tables, chandelier....Its like we're in heaven. 

Sir Lucas: All I want you girls to do now is to shower, eat and rest before you can officially meet my sister. And one more thing, Don't leave the house! 

Bella, Amy & Courtney: No problem Sir Lucas. 

(Sir Lucas attempts to leave)

Bella: Where are you going? 

Sir Lucas: (smirks) Oh don't worry about me. Just feel at home. 

Courtney: Oh, We will. 

(He leaves the house)

Bella: Guys, You don't know how excited I am. I just feel like jumping up and screaming. 

Courtney: (smiles) Me too. 

(They all hug each other one more time)

Bella: Guys, I'm off to the shower. I haven't had a good bath in days! 

(Bella leaves)

Courtney: And as for me, I'm off to the kitchen to prepare something to eat. 

Amy: Uh, Courtney. You and food. 

Courtney: (sternly) If I prepare it, Don't eat! 

Amy: Food isn't on my mind right now, I'm so amazed. 


(In Princess Madeline's room)

(Jax and Princess Madeline are lying relaxed on the bed)

Princess Madeline: I'm just tired and bored. 

Jax: (chuckles) What've you done today that you tired? 

Princess Madeline: You wouldn't understand. 

Jax: (stares at her for a moment) Madeline, Do you realize that ma love for you is real? 

Princess Madeline: I love you too but... 

Jax: (cuts in) But what? 

Princess Madeline: It's just that you're hot tempered and it's getting in the way. 

Jax: (chuckles) 

Princess Madeline: I don't know why you're  laughing, It's not funny.  

Jax: Don't worry, I'll change. 

Princess Madeline: You promise? 

Jax: Promise. (stands up from the bed) I'm gon' go get us a drink, I'm gon' be right back babe. 

Princess Madeline: (giggles) Okay. 

(Jax goes to the kitchen and pours orange juice in two glass cups, Then he looks around to see if anyone is watching then he stealthily pours a white powdery substance into one of the glass cups then shakes it well and he carries them back to the room)

Jax: I'm back. Here... (He hands her the glass of the spiked orange juice)

Princess Madeline: Thank you. (She obliviously takes a sip)

Jax: Hmm, It's tasty. (watches her with narrowed eyes as she takes the juice)

Princess Madeline: (she finishes the juice and starts feeling dizzy) Uhh... 

Jax: Babe, Are you okay? 

Princess Madeline: (dizzy) I don't think so....

(Princess Madeline drops the glass cup and slumps back on the bed with her eyes closed wearily in a  compulsory sleep, At this point, Jax's whole being is stiff and ready. He proceeds to take off her leggings and underwear then penetrates her)


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