Braden and Bella 

Episode 14

(Hours later)

(Princess Madeline wakes up)

Princess Madeline: (confused) What happened? 

(She attempts to stands up from the bed but is unable to due to the excruciating pains shooting through the depth of her thighs)

Princess Madeline: (groans in pain) Ahh... 

(She starts remembering how it all started; How Jax gave her an orange juice before she strangely dozed off. She now knew what happened - Jax drugged her and had sex with her while she was unconscious)

Princess Madeline: (asks herself) How could Jax be so cruel and heartless to do such a thing? How could he have sex with me without my consent? 

(Just then, Jax enters the room grinning sheepishly) 

Jax: Finally babe. You awake. (he says this guiltily)

(Princess Madeline is unable to say anything but stare at Jax with immense anger)

Jax: Babe, What's wrong? What have I done? 

Princess Madeline: (growls) How dare you ask me that as if you don't know what you've done? 

Jax: What have I done? 

Princess Madeline: (crying) How could you do this to me, Jax? How could you?!

Jax: But you're my girlfriend....

Princess Madeline: (enraged) Shut up! How could you be so barbaric? Drugging me and having sex with me without my consent?!!! 

Jax: Ssshhhh! Please lower your voice. 

Princess Madeline: Don't "Ssshhhh" me! 

Jax: Babe, I don't understand you, After all we intended to do it someday... 

Princess Madeline: (furiously) Is that why you had to drug me and rape me? You're a beast! (sighs) Ugh, Braden warned me about you but I didn't listen, This is all my fault.  (To Jax) I hate you Jax! I hate you so much! 

Jax: (remorsefully) Madeline, I'm really sorry. I really love you. I just wanted to be your first... 

(He attempts to touch her but she growls at him angrily)

Princess Madeline: Don't touch me! Don't you dare touch me! (looks away from him) Mark it Jax, It's over between us! 

Jax: Madeline, I'm sorry... 

Princess Madeline: (enraged) Get out of my room! And if I ever see you again, I'll have you thrown in the dungeon! GET OUT!!!!! 

(Jax leaves her room in shame)

Cook: I wonder what happened between the princess and her boyfriend that made her chase him out of her room. 

Maid 1: Maybe they've broken up again. If that's the case, They deserve it. 


Servant: Hey bro, You're back early today? 

Braden: Yeah, The King didn't stay long in his meeting with the King of Rothemburg. 

(Just then, Jax passes by them)

Braden: (quietly) I wonder what's wrong this time? 

Servant: (quietly) Obviously he and the princess had an argument. Well, She deserves it, Maybe next time she'll go for someone better. 

(Jax turns back to them)

Jax: (To Braden) I'mma need you to drive me back home... 

Braden: (coldly) I don't take orders from you, Only from the princess! Besides, I only take orders from you when you're with her and since you're not with her, You can go to hell! 

(Jax stares at him for a moment then leaves the castle without saying anything)

Servant: (to Braden) Hmm, He didn't challenge, insult you or even attack you, He was quite reticent. He must've done something wrong to the princess with the way he was acting... 

Braden: (shrugs his shoulder)

(Meteor Falls)

(Life long hospital)

Mrs Marshall: Dr Lewis, How is my husband? 

Dr Lewis: Madam, He's not fine. What happened was that his lungs almost gave out but luckily we revived him.

Mrs Marshall: (sighs) Will he be okay? 

Dr Lewis: We just hope for the best. 

(Mexico City)

(Madame Laho's mansion)

Bella: (laughs) Courtney, What are you wearing? 

Courtney: Just a corporate outfit. I want to look presentable to Madame Laho. 

Bella: You should have just dressed casually like Amy and I.  

Amy: (giggles) Yeah. 

Courtney: Either way, The outfit is okay. 

Bella: If you say so... 

(Just then, A tall huge lady dressed in a radiant outfit with shiny accessories enters the room)

Bella: Good day ma'am. You must be Madame Laho. 

Madame Laho: Yes I am. 

Bella: Wow! It's really great to meet you. 

Madame Laho: (smiles) So, May I know your names? 

Bella: My name is Bella. 

Courtney: (smiles) Courtney.  

Amy: (gleefully) I'm Amy. 

Madame Laho: Okay then. So where are your mobile phones? 

Bella: They're right here. 

Madame Laho: Ok. Give them to me. 

Bella: But ma, You can't use them to call because there's hardly any cell reception. 

Madame Laho: No problem. Just give them to me.  

(Madame Laho collects Bella, Courtney and Amy's phones)

Madame Laho: Are they passworded? 

Bella, Courtney and Amy: No ma. 

Madame Laho: Good. So are you girls ready to use your bodies to make me some money? 

Bella: (oblivious) Excuse me? Aren't you the one to be paying us salaries? How do you mean "use our bodies to make you some money"? 

Madame Laho: How else would I mean? You girls are going to work for me as prostitutes! 

(Bella, Amy and Courtney gasps on hearing this)

Bella: (confused) I thought you were recruiting us to work in your beauty company. 

Amy: Yeah, Your brother showed us a picture of the beauty company you own. And it even had your name on it. 

Madame Laho: Any beauty company my brother showed you is a faux. A fake! 

Bella: Look, Madame Laho, We came here to Mexico City to work as hair stylists, manicurists and pedicurists.... 

Madame Laho: (cuts in) What kind of stupid hair stylist, manicurist and pedicurist is that? I mean, how good do you think you are that I'll bring you all the way to Mexico City?

Courtney: (interrupts her) You didn't bring us here! We had to work by trading our bodies to pay the money for our trip! 

Madame Laho: Firstly, I paid the money for your trip and even if it exhausted half way, That wasn't my fault, Secondly, If I hadn't told my brother to bring you here, Would you have ever thought of working here as a hair stylist, manicurist and pedicurist? Just so you know, You are prostitutes! You three will work for me for three months straight and then I'll ship you off to Italy, And if you ever think of escaping then you can say goodbye to the world. 

Bella: (adamantly) No way! We're not going to work for you as prostitutes! 

Madame Laho: I can see you're very stubborn and feisty. (shouts) Mitch! Brady! Steve! Max! Cade! 

(Five tall muscular hefty men enter the living room)

Madame Laho: (To Steve, Max and Cade ) Take Courtney and Amy to the girl's hostel so Megan can give them a makeover. 

(Steve, Max and Cade leads a distraught Courtney and Amy out of the house)

Madame: Mitch, Brady...(looks at Bella) Deal with her! 


(Mitch and Brady carries Bella out of the living room and she screams for help as she's being taken away) 

Madame Laho: (about Bella) You think I'm running a charity organization here? Stupid idiot! 


(Mitch and Brady takes Bella to another room and starts beating her up) 

Bella: (screams) Ahhh! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! 

Mitch: (menacingly) You can scream as loud as you want, No one will come to your rescue! 

(He keeps on beating her while Brady presses a scalding hot metal rod to her neck and arms)

Bella: (screams louder) Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! 


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