Braden and Bella 

Episode 15

(Next Day) 

Braden: Good morning Aunt. 

Solange: Morning Braden. You're leaving really early today? 

Braden: I always leave by this time, Aunt. 

Solange: Ok then, I dropped a food flask on the cabinet for you. It's mac and cheese that's inside, I hope you'll enjoy it. 

Braden: (smiles) I definitely will. 

(Braden goes to fetch the food flask)

Braden: Thanks Aunt. I'll be going now. 

Solange: Alright dear. Take care. 

(At King Anderson's palace)

King Anderson: Sweetheart what's the matter? You've been moody lately, Is there something I should know about? 

Princess Madeline: It's really nothing Dad, I'm ok. 

King Anderson: Are you sure? 

Princess Madeline: (feigns happiness) I'm sure. 

King Anderson: Alright. Braden, I'll need you to drive me to Valeria. 

Braden: No problem your Highness. 

(Princess Madeline exchange glances with Braden as he leaves the throne room with the king)


King Anderson: Levi, You're here already? 

Levi: Yes your Highness. I just arrived at work. 

King Anderson: Ok then. (To Braden) Go in and rest. Levi will take me there. 

Braden: No problem my King. 

(When Levi drives King Anderson out of the castle, Braden goes back to the throne room) 

Princess Madeline: (suprised) You're still here? Aren't you driving my Dad to Valeria? 

Braden: No, He said I should rest that Levi will take him there instead... (fixes his gaze on her) Is there something you wanna tell me? 

Princess Madeline: (avoids eye contact) Not at all. 

Braden: Are you sure? If there's something bugging you, I'd be happy to help you find a solution to it. (chuckles)

Princess Madeline: (sighs) Braden you were right about Jax all along, He's a beast! I just thought I should give him a second chance to change his ways but I should've known he was never going to change! 

Braden: What did he do? 

Princess Madeline: (crying) He drugged me and raped me. I never knew he was that monstrous to do such a thing. I thought of throwing him in the dungeon but I realized it won't take back what he did. (sighs) I can't even tell my dad, I just feel so ashamed of myself.... (sobs harder)

(Braden rests her head on his shoulder and pats her)

Braden: It's ok, It's ok... 

(Life long hospital)

(Mrs Marshall goes to her husband's ward)

Mrs Marshall: Hey. How are you feeling? 

Mr Marshall: Much worse... (coughs)

Mrs Marshall: I brought you food. (She drops two food flasks on the table beside the bed) The blue one contains pasta and sauce while the silver contains guacamole and tortilla chips. 

Mr Marshall: (hoarsely) Thank you... (sighs) I just wish I could turn back the hands of time to reverse my mistakes.... (coughs harder)

Mrs Marshall: (pats him) Sorry. (She pours him a cup of water to drink) Here... (she hands it to him)

Mr Marshall: (sighs) I deserve this. 

Mrs Marshall: It's alright, Just drink up... 


(King Anderson's palace)

Cook: My princess, I came to ask if you're hungry so I can prepare a delicious meal for you. 

Princess Madeline: (sober) I'm fine Gladys. Thanks.

(Gladys leaves the room)

Maid 1: What did she say? 

Cook: Nothing. She just looked sober and depressed.

Maid 1: (laughs mockingly) I guess her breakup with Jax is really affecting her.  

Cook: I don't think that's the reason she's sober. 

Maid 1: Either way, She deserves it! I just wish I could go into her room to laugh at her. 

Cook: Well it's possible. But you definitely won't live to see the light of another day. 

Maid 1: Whatever. 

(Braden overhears their conversation from the end of the hallway)

Maid 1: (smiles) I just feel so happy, You know what? We should celebrate her downfall. 

Cook: Alright Katrina. That's enough derision. 

(Just then, Braden clears his throat, alerting them of his presence)

Cook: (nervously) Oh, Hey Braden. How long have you been there? 

Braden: (looks at Katrina with narrowed eyes) A few minutes.

Cook: (nervously) You heard all we said? 

Braden: Yeah, I did! (To Katrina) You know, You shouldn't laugh at other people's problems or mock them. You never know when your own turn will come. 

(Katrina stares at him with scorn)

Cook: Umm...You're not gonna tell on us, Are you? 

Braden: No, I'll keep my mouth sealed. Because of you. 

Cook: (sighs) Thanks. 

(Braden stares at Katrina for a moment then leaves the hallway)

Cook: You almost got us in trouble. What if it was the King who overheard us? 

Maid 1: Well it wasn't the King that overheard us. It was that silly no good driver who acts like he owns the place. (hisses)

Cook: Ugh, I don't even know why I talk to you sometimes.... 

(Gladys leaves the hallway)


(At Ched's bar)

Jax: (To the bartender) I'll have four root beer. 

Bartender: Four? You know sir, If you want to kill yourself, There are faster ways to do it. 

Jax: Will you fuckin' mind your business and get me what I ordered?! 

Bartender: Ok that'll be $19.60

Jax: You know what, Just give me two. 

Bartender: $9.80

Jax: (pays him) Keep the change. 

(Damien enters the bar and sees Jax)

Damien: Bro!!! What's up? 

(Jax looks at him sadly)

Damien: Bro, What's the matter? Don't tell me you ain't slept with that princess chick yet. 

Jax: I did. And things didn't turn out as I expected, She's fuckin' mad at me, Infact, She hates me now! 

Damien: Well you got nothin' to lose since you already slept with her! 

Jax: You don't understand bro, I deeply love her. 

Damien: She's just pretendin', Obviously she's got another guy wooing her so she just used this opportunity to break up with you so she can be with him, You gotta think smart! You better go back to that goddamn castle and fight for her love!  

Jax: But she threatened to throw me in the dungeon if I ever returned to the castle and she meant it. 

Damien: Don't be a scaredy cat bro, Be a man! It's just a "threat", That bitch can't do nothing! Besides, She doesn't want you to return so you won't catch her red handed with the guy she been cheatin' on you with. Okay, Which other guy is she closest to in that goddamn castle? 

Jax: Well, The only guy she's really close to is the new driver, Braden. 

Damien: It's gotta be him, He's the reason the she broke up with you not because you had sex with her....All we need to to is to teach that guy a lesson! 

(Mexico City)

(Madame Laho's mansion)

(After many days of being beaten, tortured, starved, molested, raped, Bella finally agrees to Madame Laho's demands) 

Mitch: Madame, She wants to see you. 

Madame Laho: Let her in. 

(Bella limps into the living room)

Madame Laho: (harshly) What do you want to see me for? 

Bella: (breathes weakly) Madame Laho, I'm ready to work for you as a prostitute.... 

Madame Laho: (chuckles evilly) That's my girl. You see, If you're co-operative, I'll treat you warmly but if you're not, I'll treat you the opposite way. Anyways, Mitch will take you to the girl's hostel so Megan can take care of your injuries and give you a makeover. And when she's done, She'll take you to the brothel so that you can start making me some money! 

Bella: (weakly nods her head) Yes Madame... 

Madame Laho: (To Mitch) Take her to Megan. 

Mitch: Yes Madame. 

(Mitch leads Bella out of the house)


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