Braden and Bella 

Episode 16

(Mexico City)

(Madame Laho's mansion) 

Bella: Ma. I'm ready to leave. 

Madame Laho: Wow, You look gorgeous. Megan did a good job covering your scars and injuries. 

(Bella eyes her angrily)

Madame Laho: (without looking at her) Anyways, Get to the brothel and start making me some money! 

Bella: (looks at her scornfully) Yes Madame... 

(She leaves the house)

Madame Laho: (To Steve) Follow her. 

Steve: Yes Madame. 


(King Anderson's palace)

(Princess Madeline lays down on her bed)

Princess Madeline: (stares at her ceiling lost in thought)

(Someone knocks on her door)

Princess Madeline: Who is it? 

Braden: Braden. 

Princess Madeline: Come in. 

(Braden enters the room)

Braden: Hey there. How're you now? 

Princess Madeline: A little bit better. What are you doing in here? Aren't you supposed to be out there incase my dad needs your services? 

Braden: Oh, Don't worry yourself about that. 

Princess Madeline: And why is that? 

Braden: Levi has it taken care of. 

Princess Madeline: Okay then. 

Braden: I came to check up on you. To know how you're doing? 

Princess Madeline: Awwnn, That's really thoughtful of you. (looks at him for a moment) Jax has been calling and texting but I've been ignoring them. I don't think I can ever forgive him for what he did to me. What do you think I should do? 

Braden: The ball is in your court. 

Princess Madeline: (takes in a deep breath) I'm bored. 

Braden: Well it's a good thing I brought my phone, I just downloaded the latest movie and I'm sure you're gonna love it. 

(Braden puts on his phone)

Braden: I'm gonna go get us some popcorn and soda, It be like we're in a mini movie theater. (smiles) I'll be right back. 

(Princess Madeline giggles as she watches Braden leave the room)


(Bella, Courtney and Amy walk into the brothel)

Courtney: (sadly) I can't believe this. After everything we went through, This is what we end up doing.... 

Amy: I haven't even seen Sir Lucas ever since he dropped us at Madame Laho's mansion. 

Courtney: I heard he went back to recruit more girls. 

Amy: (sadly) I should have known he was just deceiving us, There was no job in Madame Laho's beauty company. He just brought us here to work for her as prostitutes. (enraged) Wait till I get my hands on him! 

Courtney: (taps her) Bella, You're not saying anything. 

Bella: (distraughted) What do you want me to say? 

Courtney: Calm down Bella, We both understand what you're going through because we're going through the same thing too. 

Bella: (distraught) Atleast you guys weren't tortured or beaten. Do you even have any idea what those men did to me?! (tears begin to drop down her cheeks)

Courtney: (pats Bella) Let it out. Let it all out.... 

Amy: But are we really gonna do this? 

Courtney: We have no other option. We can't even escape because everywhere is heavily guarded by Madame Laho's guards and there's no way we can reach out to anyone for help cause she seized our phones. 

(Megan sees them and waves at them)

Megan: (excitedly) Hey girls!!! 

(She approaches then)

Megan: You girls look even more glamorous. 

(Bella, Courtney and Amy ignore her)

Megan: Look, I get why you're all upset. I remember when i newly came. I cried, I rolled on the floor, tore my clothes and did many other things but I remembered my poor family back home. I just had to do it so they won't keep suffering.... 

(Just then, Two tall curvaceous ladies, Bianca and Liana, enter the brothel and approaches them)

Bianca: (confused) Who are these newcomers in our territory? (To Bella) Get the fuck outta here! 

Bella: We were here first. 

Megan: (quietly) Shhh, They're at the top here... 

Bella: I don't fuckin' care! (stands up to face Bianca & Liana audaciously) We ain't going nowhere cause we were here first! So go find somewhere else to sit you butt down!  

Bianca: What the hell did you just say to me? 

Bella: (valiantly) I'm very sure I did not stutter! 

Bianca: (takes off her shoe) I'm gonna teach you a lesson... 

(Bella and the girls set the brothel in chaos) 

(That evening)

(Bella goes to meet Madame Laho)

Bella: (scornfully) Ma. I came to ask you when I'm going to collect my salary. 

Madame Laho: Bella, Why are you so arrogant? 

Bella: (confused) How? 

Madame Laho: You don't care for me at all, Do you? You haven't even told me "Thank you", For bringing you to Mexico City. 

(Bella stares at her with disdain)

Madame Laho: (sighs) I don't feel appreciated at all.

Bella: (impatient) How much are you going to pay me and when am I going to get paid? 

Madame Laho: You don't ask me when you're going to collect "your salary", I'll give you what I want to give you, When I want to give you! 

Bella: So you won't give me anything? 

Madame Laho: (grins mischievously) Correct. (To Max) Take her back to the brothel so she can make me some money! 

(Max escorts Bella out of the house)


(King Anderson's palace)

Princess Madeline: Wow, The movie was awesome. Maybe we can go to an actual cinema some other time. 

Braden: Sounds okay. 

Princess Madeline: Thanks for uplifting my mood. 

Braden: (chuckles) That's what I do. Besides, Frowning doesn't suit your beautiful face. Smile always. 

Princess Madeline: I'll take your advice. 

(Braden packs the empty popcorn pack and soda can)

Princess Madeline: Oh don't worry, Katrina will clean that up. 

Braden: It's alright. I'll do it. 

(Braden attempts to leave)

Princess Madeline: Braden. 

Braden: (he turns back to look at her) Yes? 

Princess Madeline: Thanks once again. 

Braden: You're welcome. 


(Meteor Falls)

(Life long hospital)

Nurse: Mr Will Marshall, I'm here for your checkup... 

Mr Marshall: (struggles to speak) I...need.... 

Nurse: You need what?

(Mr Marshall starts coughing uncontrollably then slumps back on the bed)

Nurse: (checks his pulse) Oh no, Doctor Doctor! 

(Dr Lewis enters the ward) 

Dr Lewis: What's the matter? 

Nurse: It's Mr Will Marshall, He was coughing uncontrollably and then suddenly he collapsed. 

Dr Lewis: (He checks Mr Marshall's pulse and sighs in disbelief) He's dead... 

(Minutes later, Mrs Marshall enters the hospital)

Mrs Marshall: Good day Dr Lewis, I came to see my husband.... 

Dr Lewis: Madam...(hesitates) Your husband is dead. (sighs) His lungs gave out... 

(Mrs Marshall stares at him in shock)


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