Braden and Bella

Episode 21

(At the police station)

Policeman 1: Sir, We just received a report that a lady jumped down from the balcony of a brothel and got hit by a car. 

Sergeant: Then what are you waiting for? Call the ambulance and assemble the rest! 

Policeman 1: Yes Sir! 

(Madame Laho's mansion)

Madame Laho: (angry) How could this happen? Weren't you supposed to be watching her?! 

Mitch: I'm really sorry Madame but you know I couldn't have followed her into the bedroom. 

Madame Laho: This Nicki of a girl has spoilt business for us. (sighs) But let's just assume she's dead because there's no way she could've survived that accident. 

Mitch: I agree with you. She maybe dead, But if she's not, Then we are all in trouble... 


(Mrs Marshall & Solange rushes to Good health hospital) 

Mrs Marshall: (bows) Good evening my princess. 

Princess Madeline: Good evening. You're Braden's mother? 

Mrs Marshall: Yes, I heard what happened to him so I rushed here... 

(Dr Stephen enters the waiting room)

Mrs Marshall: Doctor! How is my son, Braden?! 

Dr Stephen: Fortunately, He's responding to treatments. 

Mrs Marshall, Princess Madeline & Solange: (sighs) Thank God. 

Dr Stephen: Anyways, The stitching process will start soon.

Mrs Marshall: Stitching? 

Dr Stephen: Yeah, The knife pierced through his skin greatly and we'll have to stitch the wound closed. Luckily, King Anderson has already paid for all of that. 

Mrs Marshall: (sighs) That's so nice of him. (To Princess Madeline) Thank you so much, Your family has really been kind to my son.   

Princess Madeline: (smiles)

Mrs Marshall: So, Can we see him? 

Dr Stephen: Yes you can. 

(In Braden's ward)

Braden: Mom... 

Mrs Marshall: Oh, Braden... 

(She hugs him tightly)

Mrs Marshall: (sighs) You're alright... What even happened? 

Braden: I was attacked by Jax and his friend... 

Princess Madeline: (furiously) Jax? 

Braden: Yeah, He attacked me and accused me of stealing the princess from him and making her break up with him, which I didn't do, I was able to defend myself but not for long, And that's when he stabbed me. 

Princess Madeline: That animal knows exactly what he did that made me break up with him. (enraged) He has crossed the line. Not only did he rape me, He also tried to kill you! (To Braden) I'm really sorry for bringing you into this. 

Braden: It's fine. 

Princess Madeline: I've been keeping quiet for too long but not anymore,  I'll have him thrown in the dungeon! 


(King Anderson's palace)

(The guards brings Jax to the palace)

Jax: (struggles to get free) Let me go! 

Guard 1: (he restrains him) My King, We caught him trying to flee Winterhaven. 

King Anderson: And his accomplice? 

Guard 1: We were unable to find him. 

King Anderson: He can't have gotten far. Close the gates! No one enters or leaves Winterhaven! I want you and the other able bodied guards to go out there and look for him and do not return without him! 

Guard 1: Yes my king!!! 

(He leaves with few other guards)

King Anderson: Jax. I always had a bad feeling about you ever since my daughter introduced you to me, But I never knew you could be so evil and sinister. First, You drugged my daughter and raped her.... 

Jax: (stares at him in shock) Huh? 

King Anderson: Yes, She just told me everything! Next, You attacked my loyal driver and almost killed him! (furiously) You definitely won't go scotfree! 


(At the hospital) 

Policeman 1: Doctor, How is the lady? 

Dr Sergio: Well Sir, She's conscious and in better health now. 

Policeman 1: Can I speak with her? 

Dr Sergio: No problem officer. 

(In Nicki's ward)

Policeman 1: Good day miss, How are you feeling? 

Nicki: Much better, Thanks. 

(The policeman sits on the bed)

Policeman 1: I would like to ask you some questions, That is if you don't nind... 

Nicki: Not at all sir. 

Policeman 1: Umm....What made you jump off the balcony of the brothel? Tell me everything. 

Nicki: Well officer, I was a hair stylist back in Meteor Falls and there was this man, Sir Lucas, He said he's recruiting girls to Mexico City to work for his sister in her beauty company so I decided to follow him. On getting here, I found out that it was prostitution he wanted me to do and when I rejected the offer. His sister ordered her guard to beat and torture me... 

Policeman 1: Hmm, I'm so sorry about that. Continue... 

Nicki: Eventually I agreed to do it. Her main bodyguard, Mitch, Took me to the brothel and gave me to a client. When we got to the room, I knocked him out and ran out of the room then jumped off the balcony of the brothel and I got hit by a car, And then, I blacked out. 

Policeman 1: Hmm, That's really unfortunate. If I may ask, What's the name of Sir Lucas' sister? 

Nicki; They call her Madame Laho. 

Policeman: (writes it down) Okay. And where does she live? 

Nicki: She lives at No 14, Maravilla street. And her house is surrounded by bodyguards. 

Policeman 1: (smirks) We can handle them... 

Nicki: She also forced other girls into prostitution, But me, I'd rather die than do it. There are about eleven other girls - Bella, Courtney, Amy, Bianca, Liana, Megan, Roslyn, Aurora, Alexa, Emily and Jolene. 

Policeman 1: Okay.... (writes it down) Thank you for your cooperation. 


(At Madame Laho's mansion)

Mitch: Madame, I just got a report that the police has arrested Sir Lucas. 

Madame Laho: (shocked) What? How?! 

Mitch: I don't know how. All I know is that he was arrested before he could flee Mexico City. 

Madame Laho: (worriedly) This is bad. Its only a matter of time before they get to us. We need to leave Mexico City quickly. Assemble the girls! 

Mitch: No problem Madame. 

(Later that night) 

(Mitch assembles the girls and bodyguards)

Madame Laho: (to everyone) I want you all to know that the police is on our trail, And if you don't want to get arrested then we'll all have to leave Mexico City immediately... 

(Just then, The police invades Madame Laho's mansion) 

Madame Laho: (shocked) NO! 

Policeman 1: (points a gun) Nobody moves! (To Madame Laho) Madame Laho, You have been found guilty of human trafficking and slavery and you are hereby under arrest. You have the right to remain silent because anything you say will be used against you in the court of law! 

Madame Laho: (enraged) You cannot arrest me! 

Policeman: Yes I can! (To the other policeman) Cuff her! 

(The policemen handcuffs Madame Laho and takes her away)


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