Braden and Bella 

Episode 22

(The policemen arrests Madame Laho, Mitch and the other bodyguards and takes them to their van)

Madame Laho: Take your hands off me! 

(The policemen forces Madame Laho into their van and drives off to the police station) 


Policeman 1: (to the other policemen) Get the girls. 

Courtney: Don't come near me! (crying) Do you have any idea what I went through to arrive in Mexico City? I can't go back to Meteor falls, My aunt wouldn't accept me! 

Policeman 1: Calm down. All will be okay... 

Courtney: No it won't! 

(Knowing fully well that she'll be deported back to Meteor Falls, Courtney jumps into the swimming pool and attempts to drown herself)

Policeman 1: Get her! 

(The other policeman jumps into the pool and rescues Courtney)

Courtney: (crying) I don't want to go back, I don't want to go back.... (cries harder)


(At the police station)

Policeman 1: Bella, Don't be scared. We're not going to arrest you. I would like to ask you a few questions. 

Bella: (nervously) Go ahead... 

Policeman 1: Why did you accept to become a prostitute? 

Bella: I never accepted to be a prostitute, Infact, No girl in Madame Laho's mansion did. She forced us. Day and night she had numerous guards watching us so we couldn't escape or inform the police about it. (sighs) I was brutally beaten and tortured when I first refused the job. 

Policeman 1: Well it's a good thing she's been arrested and she's paying for all her crimes. She already has numerous witnesses against her. 

Bella: Thank goodness. I'm really happy I'm free from her clutches. 

Policeman 1: Yes but I'm afraid we can't let you stay in Mexico City since you got in illegally, We're going to have to deport you and the other girls... 

Bella: (looks at him with teary-filled eyes )


(At King Anderson's palace)

(The guards bring Damien into the palace)

Guard 1: (ferociously) Get in! 

(The guard pushes Damien into the throne room and he falls on the floor)

King Anderson: What is your name young man? 

Damien: (bows) My name is Damien your Majesty. 

King Anderson: (points at Jax) And do you know this man? 

Damien: (turns to look at Jax) My King, I don't know him at all, I've never set ma eyes on him before... 

(Jax gasps on hearing this)

King Anderson: Oh will you shut up! Everyone who knows you testified that you're Jax's accomplice. 

Damien: But ma King, Those people are fuckin' lying against me! (looks at Jax) I don't even know this guy! 

Jax: (furiously) Argh! I'll fuckin' kill you! 

(Jax attempts to attack Damien but the guards restrains him) 

King Anderson: Damien, Did you at any time attack a young man named Braden? 

(One of the guards show Damien a picture of Braden)

Damien: No my King, I never did anything of that sort... 

Jax: He's fuckin' lying! He's even the one who talked me into attacking Braden. 

Damien: My King, I swear i'm innocent... This is just a prevarication

King Anderson: Prevarication indeed. (To the guards) Take him to the dungeon, When he's ready to confess, I'll let him out. 

Damien: But ma King, I'm being accused wrongly... 

(The guards take him away)

Damien: (shouts) I'M FUCKING INNOCENT!!! 

King Anderson: (To Jax) And for you, Your reward will be drastic.... 

Jax: I'm sorry for everything bad I've done my King, I'm a changed person. I swear. 

King Anderson: Changed or not, You can't bypass the punishments for everything you've done. I'll decide what to do with you, Until then... (To the guards) Take him to the dungeon. 

Guards: Yes your Highness. 


(At Solange's house)

Mrs Marshall: (sighs) Will's funeral is in a few months. 

Solange: It's well... 

Mrs Marshall: (she grabs the food flask on the stool) I need to head to the hospital now, Braden would be expecting me. 

(Someone knocks at the door)

Mrs Marshall: Sis, Are you expecting someone? 

Solange: Not at all. I wonder who that is. 

Mrs Marshall: I'll go open it. 

(Mrs Marshall goes to open the door and sees Bella standing at the threshold) 

Mrs Marshall: (suprised) Bella? Oh my goodness... (shouts) BELLA!!! 

Solange: (excitedly) Bella! 

(Mrs Marshall and Solange embrace her)

Mrs Marshall: I've missed you so much my darling... 

Bella: (nostalgically) Me too, Mom. 

Mrs Marshall: (she breaks the hug) How, When and Why did you get back? I thought you were in Mexico city working in a beauty company. 

Bella: Mom, It was all a lie. 

Mrs Marshall & Solange: (confused) Huh? 

Bella: (she sits down on the sofa) When I went to meet Sir Lucas, He took me to an hotel to stay before our journey. There, I met six other girls who were going on the same journey with me. The Next Day, We set off to Mexico City by road. At a point,  Sir Lucas told us come down that we couldn't follow the main road due to the numerous cops so we went into the woods where we almost got killed by wolves... 

Mrs Marshall: (gasps)

Bella: Luckily, We all made it alive and had to lodge in a nearby hotel. Sir Lucas called me to his room and tried to flirt with me, When I rejected his advances...(takes in a deep breath) He raped me. 

Mrs Marshall: (gasps once more) Oh my God... 

Bella: The next morning, He apologized for what he did and futilely promised to protect me on the journey. Which I should've known was all a sham. When we got to Mexico City, He took us to a house and left shortly after. His sister, Madame Laho later came to meet us and told us blatantly that we were going to work for her as prostitutes. When I refused to do it, She ordered her bodyguards to deal with me. They beat, tortured, molested and starved me till I eventually agreed to do it. 

Mrs Marshall: I had a bad feeling about you going to Mexico City and I was right... 

Solange: So what happened next?

Bella: (sighs) After days of working for Madame Laho, Her mansion was raided by policemen. They arrested her and her bodyguards and as for the rest of us, They deported us back. 

Mrs Marshall: (crying) My daughter, I can't believe you went through all that. 

Bella: Its alright Mom, Don't cry. 

Solange: What about the Sir Lucas and the girls that accompanied you to Mexico city? 

Bella: Most of the girls who accompanied me died on our way to Mexico City - Irene slumped and died during a rendezvous with a client at a brothel, Rayna accidentally fell into the water on our way across the Nahil River, Claire died due to excess cold and Maureen died of snake bite.

Solange: This is beyond sad. I don't even know what to describe your experiences and predicaments

Bella: I just don't want to think about it... 

Mrs Marshall: (enraged) That Madame Laho should left to rot inside that prison! 

Bella: Well I couldn't attend her trial and judgment because I was deported. But I heard she was sentenced to life imprisonment. 

Solange: She deserves that. And even much more. 

Bella: Where's Braden? 

Mrs Marshall: He was admitted into the hospital. 

Bella: Oh my goodness, What happened? 

Mrs Marshall: He got attacked by some thugs. I was on my way to see him when you arrived. 

Bella: Don't worry, I'll follow you there. I just decided to come and see you before I go to Meteor Falls to see Dad. 

Mrs Marshall: Bella. There is something you should  know... (sighs) Your father is dead, He died of lung cancer.... 

Bella: Huh? (stares at her in shock)


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