Braden and Bella 

Episode 23

(Bella and Mrs Marshall goes to visit Braden at the hospital)

Braden: (shocked) Bella? 

Bella: Yes it's me! (hugs him) Ohh, I've really missed you so much, Braden. 

Braden: Me too. But how....How are you here in Winterhaven? I thought you were in Mexico City? 

Bella: (sighs) It's a really long story, Braden. How are you feeling now? 

Braden: I'm alright. 

Mrs Marshall: I brought you food, Spaghetti and sausages. (She drops the food flask on the table beside the bed)

Braden: Mmm, My favorite. Thanks Mom. 

Mrs Marshall: You're welcome my son. I'm really happy the perpetrators are paying for their crimes. The King threw them in the dungeon. 

Bella: They deserve that and even much worse for harming my brother...  

(Dr Stephen enters the ward)

Dr Stephen: I'm here for Braden's checkup, Please excuse me. 

Mrs Marshall: Oh, No problem Doctor. 

Bella: (pats Braden on the arm gently) Get well soon. 


(At Courtney's Aunt house)

Courtney Aunt: (over the phone) Yes babe, I live alone. Maybe you can come over to my place tonight....(smiles) Ok, I'll be expecting you.... 

(Someone knocks on the door)

Courtney's Aunt: Who is it? 

Courtney: It's Courtney! 

Courtney's Aunt: (confused) Courtney? 

(She goes to open the door and sees Courtney) 

Courtney: Good afternoon Aunt... 

Courtney's Aunt: (sternly) Eh, Save the pleasantries. What are you doing back here? I thought you were in Mexico City?

Courtney: It's a really long story Aunt. I'll tell you everything, Just let me in. 

Courtney's Aunt: No way! Have you forgotten I told you not to ever return to my house? Well, I meant it! 

Courtney: (pleads) Aunt please... 

Courtney's Aunt: You better go back to where you're coming from! 

(She slams the door at her)

Courtney: (crying) Oh God, Where do I go now?

(Good Health hospital)

Dr Stephen: Mrs Marshall, Your son, Braden is in good health now. He'll be discharged tomorrow. 

Mrs Marshall: That's wonderful. Thank you so much, Dr Stephen 

Dr Stephen: You're welcome. Excuse me.

(He leaves)

Princess Madeline: I'm so happy 

Mrs Marshall: So am I, I want to say thank you to you and your father for taking care of his bills, I'm really grateful. 

Princess Madeline: It's alright, We love Braden like family and we'd do anything to make sure he's alright. 


(Courtney goes to visit Amy)

Courtney: Hey Amy. 

Amy: (excitedly) Courtney! (embraces her) Ohh, Its so good to see you again. 

Courtney: (sadly) Yeah it is. 

Amy: What's the matter? You look so downcast. 

Courtney: Why wouldn't I be. I came back to Meteor Falls with nothing and the worst part of it all is that I don't even have anywhere to stay. My Aunt told me I should never return to her house. 

Amy: Oh that's very sad. Come on in. 

(Courtney enters the house)

Courtney: Where are your parents? 

Amy: Oh I don't live with my parents any longer. I was able to come back with some few change which I used to rent this self-contained apartment. 

Courtney: (looks around) Wow, This place is lovely. 

Amy: Yeah, I'll just keep improving in my pedicure 

skills here in Meteor Falls. I've already learnt my lesson. 

Courtney: Hmm, About that... I came to ask you if I can be living with you for a while. You know, till I get a job and get paid my first salary then rent my own apartment. 

Amy: Oh, That's not a problem. 

(Courtney hugs her)

Courtney: Thank you very much, Amy. You're a good friend. 

Amy: Its alright. So what do I offer you? 

Courtney: Anything you have. 

Amy: Meatloaf?

Courtney: Bring. And please bring enough. 

Amy: (scoffs) Uh, Courtney. You and food. 

Courtney: My dear, I haven't eaten since the past two days. 

Amy: That's really bad. But don't worry, There's enough to eat. (She serves Courtney some meatloaf)

Courtney: (eats it) Mmm... Very delicious 

Amy: Enjoy... 

Courtney: I will. Besides, It wouldn't be bad to step it down with some juice. 

Amy: Unfortunately I don't have enough money for that. It's only soda I can afford. 

Courtney: Manageable. (She keeps on eating)

Amy: So have you seen Bella since we got back to Meteor Falls? 

Courtney: She lives in Meteor Falls? 

Amy: She should be. 

Courtney: I haven't seen her. (she keeps on eating)

Amy: I just hope she's doing okay wherever she is right now. Anyways, Let me go across the street to get you soda. I'll be right back. 

Courtney: No problem. (she keeps on eating)

(Next Day)

(Braden is discharged from the hospital)

Mrs Marshall: Thank you for everything, Doctor. 

Dr Stephen: My pleasure... 

Mrs Marshall: (To Braden) You ought to visit the King to tell him "Thank you" for paying your hospital bills and taking care of your attackers. 

Braden: I will, Mom. 

(At King Anderson's palace)

(Mrs Marshall, Braden and Bella goes to visit King Anderson)

Braden: (bows) Good day my King. 

King Anderson: Good day. Braden, I see you're in better health now. 

Braden: Yes my King. And I'm also ready to resume work. 

King Anderson: No. I want you to have a week's rest before returning to work. 

Braden: Thank you very much your Highness. 

King Anderson: My pleasure. You and your family can stay and dine with with us, There's plenty to go around. 

Mrs Marshall: (smiles) We definitely will. 

(Later on)

(Braden takes Bella around the castle)

Bella: Wow, This palace is so huge. And everyone here is so nice. 

Braden: (chuckles) You haven't met Katrina that's why. 

Bella: Who is she? 

Braden: She's a snobby maid. 

Bella: (sighs) I wish Dad were still alive. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him. 

Braden: Come on, Now isn't the time for penitent...   

(Princess Madeline enters the room)

Bella: Hey Princess Madeline. It's really nice to officially meet you. 

Princess Madeline: (smiles) The pleasure's all mine. 

Bella: Braden here was just giving me a tour of the castle. 

Princess Madeline: (giggles) I'm sure he was. Anyways, I came to let you know that dinner is ready. Come on to the dinner table. 

Bella: Alright, We'll be there shortly. 

(At the dinner table)

Mrs Marshall: It's really an honor to dine with you, King Anderson. 

King Anderson: (chuckles) You're welcome. 

Bella: (quietly) Wow. So many delicacies to choose from. There's stir fry chicken, barbecue, roasted pig, rice, tacos, pudding.... 

Princess Madeline: (she smiles as she hands Bella a plate) Help yourself. 

Bella: I sure will... (retches)

Princess Madeline: Are you okay? 

Bella: Ugh, I don't think so. I just have this pit in my stomach... 

Princess Madeline: Should we call the castle's nurse? 

Bella: (groans) Uhh... 

(Bella clutches to her stomach and starts vomiting)

Mrs Marshall: (worried) Oh no, Bella... 

King Anderson: We need to get her to the hospital, Levi! 

Levi: My King? 

King Anderson: Go get the keys to my Lamborghini, Quickly! 

Levi: Yes my King. 

(Levi drives Mrs Marshall and Bella to the hospital)

(Later on)

(At Good health hospital)

Mrs Marshall: Dr Stephen, How is Bella doing? 

Dr Stephen: Not too well Madame, We ran some tests on her and we found out that... 

Mrs Marshall: (impatient) That what?! 

Dr Stephen: She's HIV positive... 


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