Braden and Bella

Episode 4

(Jax notices Braden looking at Princess Madeline) 

Jax: Yo! Why you fuckin' starrin' at ma girl? 

Braden: Oh, I was just admiring her. (To Princess Madeline) Hey. 

Princess Madeline: Hello. 

Braden: You look really beautiful. 

Princess Madeline: Oh thanks. 

Jax: Alright that's enough bro. No one talks to ma girl like that. 

Princess Madeline: Calm down Jax. He was just complimenting me. 

Jax: If you need compliments, I'mma give you compliments! You don't be needin' no compliment from no damn house boy. 

Braden: (interrupts him) I'm not a house boy! 

Jax: I don't fuckin' care who you is. Just don't talk to ma girl! (To the second servant) Where's the damn driver? 

(Just then, Levi enters the garage)

Jax: (enraged) Where you been? 

Levi: I'm really sorry. I was eating.

Jax: Ain't you fuckin' aware that ma girl and I need to go out? 

Levi: I'm sorry. 

Jax: Sorry for you damn self! Enter the damn car and let's go! 

(Princess Madeline and Jax enters the car and Levi drives off)

Braden: Damn. What a snob. 

Servant: (laughs) That guy is a crazy psycho.  I wonder what Princess Madeline saw in him. He's so rude and mannerless. 

Braden: Indeed.

Servant: Aren't you the new driver? 

Braden: I'll soon be. When the King gives me the job. 

Servant: Ok. I'm Matthew. 

(They shake hands)

Braden: I'm Braden. Nice meeting you. Anyways, I'm off. 

(Later that day)

(Braden drives King Anderson back to the castle) 

Braden: So, My King....Do I have the job? 

King Anderson: You're a good driver indeed, Really swift but steady....You're hired! 

Braden: Thank you so much My King. 

King Anderson: My pleasure. Why don't you go into the kitchen, They're lots of delicacies for you to feast upon. 

Braden: Mmm, Sounds good. Thank you very much your Highness. 

(Braden goes to the kitchen)

Braden: Hey Gladys. 

Cook: Wow, You know my name already? 

Braden: Yeah

Cook: So you've gotten the job isn't it? 

Braden: I did. By the way, Is there food? I'm starving. 

Cook: (points at the numerous pans) Of course, There's always enough to eat (hands him a plate and spoon) Help yourself... 

Braden: (collects it) Thanks. 

(Solange house)

(Mrs Marshall calls Bella)

Mrs Marshall: (excitedly) Isabella! 

Bella: Hello Mummy. 

Mrs Marshall: How're you doing my dear? 

Bella: Truth be told. I'm not doing fine at all,  It hasn't been easy cleaning up Dad's messes. 

Mrs Marshall: (scoffs) Why do you think I left? 

Bella: (sighs) I really miss you, Mom. 

Mrs Marshall: Me too sweetheart. I miss you more, How I wish you came with me. 

Bella: I would've but I couldn't just leave Dad alone, Anything could've happened with no one to watch over him. Don't  worry, Anytime I'm free, I'll come to visit you and Braden in Winterhaven. 

Mrs Marshall: (smiles gleefully) We'll be expecting you. 

Bella: By the way, Is Braden there? I wanna speak with him. 

Mrs Marshall: Oh, No he's not. He went to the palace for a job as the King's chauffeur. 

Bella: Woah, King Anderson of Winterhaven? It is really an honor to work for him. 

Mrs Marshall: It really is. I just pray Braden is always of good conduct so he won't lose the job. 

Bella: Braden is a good boy. You have anything to worry about. 

Mrs Marshall: I hope so... 

Bella: My regards to him. 

Mrs Marshall: No worries my dear. 


(King Anderson's palace)

(In Princess Madeline's room)

Princess Madeline: The date was awesome. But I'm really tired, I just want to rest. 

Jax: (touches her thigh) Are you sure? 

Princess Madeline: Jax stop it. I thought we agreed on no sex before we get married. Why the rush? 

Jax: Babe, You don't fuckin' understand how difficult it is for me to resist this damn temptation. You really beautiful, Beautiful beyond description. 

Princess Madeline: (giggles) Thanks Jax. 

Jax: But babe, Why don't you just allow me?  I'mma love you for the rest of ma life. 

Princess Madeline: Jax, The servants will overhear you. Just stop all these. 

Jax: Then let them hear, I don't mind standin' on the rooftop to declare ma love for you... 

Princess Madeline: (chuckles) But I do mind. (seriously) But my rule still stands, No sex till marriage. 

Jax: (sighs) Ok then. I'mma go get us some juice. I'm gon' be right back!

(Meanwhile, Katrina and Gladys eavesdrop on their conversation from outside the room)

Cook: Katrina let's go. I'm really nervous. What if she catches us? 

Maid 1: Shhh, I wanna hear what that spoilt brat is telling her so called boyfriend. So if they decide to have sex, We'll report to her father. 

Cook: And what will be your gain? It's not like the King is going to reward you. 

Maid 1: You never know. 

Cook: Ugh... 

Maid 1: Yea. Now be quiet, I need to keep listening... (she puts her ear to the door) Oh no, He's coming! 

(Katrina and Gladys flee the hallway)

Jax: (comes out of the room) I thought someone was here, Hmm... 

(Meteor Falls)

(Marshall's Residence)

Bella: Good afternoon Dad. 

Mr Marshall: (raises his hand up slowly to acknowledge her greeting)

Bella: Dad. You've been sleeping since you came back yesterday, Are you sure you're okay? 

Mr Marshall: (raspy) I'm fine. 

(Just then, Someone knocks on the door)

Bella: Who's is it? 

Frank: It's Frank! 

Bella: Ok. Come in. 

(He enters the house)

Bella: Good day sir. 

Frank: Good day Bella. (stares at Mr Marshall) What's wrong with your father? 

Bella: I don't know. He's been like that since yesterday. 

Frank: Will, Are you ok? 

Mr Marshall: (weakly nods his head)

Bella: Mr Frank, I'm tired of my Dad's smoking and drinking. But I can't just abandon him. 

Frank: I understand. 

Bella: I'm supposed to be improving in my manicure and pedicure skills but here I am, Taking care of my drunkard father! (hisses frustratedly)

Frank: Don't say that... 

Bella: But it's the truth. I'm already tired. 

Frank: You said you want to improve in your manicure and pedicure skills?. 

Bella: Yes. 

Frank: I know of a man called Sir Lucas. He's recruiting girls to go with him to Mexico City to meet his sister who owns a beauty company over there. And I think he'll be happy to take you along with him. 

Bella: (amazed) Woah, Really? 

Frank: Yeah. His sister is Madame Laho. She's is a very rich woman and a philanthropist over there in Mexico City.  She needs girls to help her run her beauty company and also help them discover their talents. 

Bella: This is amazing. (shakes him) Dad, What do you think? 

Mr Marshall: It sounds good. I'll say you should go with him to Mexico City. A city of riches and wonders. 

Bella: Are there any requirements? 

Frank: Not really. Atleast you have the talents she'll need. 

Bella: Okay then. 

Frank: (gives her an address) That's the address of Sir Lucas. You can go to meet him and if he sees that you're good in what you do, He'll take you. 

Bella: Thank you very much sir. But wait,  who'll be taking care of my dad? 

Frank: I'll be taking care of him. Just don't worry yourself about that. 

Bella: (hugs him) Thank you so much Mr Frank. I'm really grateful. 

Frank: You're welcome. 


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