Braden and Bella

Episode 5

(Next Day)

(Bella goes to Sir Lucas house)

Bella: (knocks)

Sir Lucas: Come in. 

(She enters the house)

Bella: Good morning sir. You're Sir Lucas? 

Sir Lucas: Yes. How may I help you? 

Bella: I heard you were recruiting girls to go with you to Mexico City. 

Sir Lucas: Yes. Talented girls to work in my sister's beauty company. 

Bella: Sir, I want to go with you... 

Sir Lucas: And are you talented? You know, In the beauty section? 

Bella: Yes sir. I'm a very talented manicurist and pedicurist. 

Sir Lucas: Hmm...Ok, You'll clean my feet and if you're good. I'll take you. 

Bella: (sighs happily) Well its a good thing I brought my tools.... (She drops her bag and begins to take out her materials) 

(Minutes later)

Sir Lucas: You're gifted, young lady.

Bella: Thank you... 

Sir Lucas: Alright, I'd like you to come with me. 

Bella: (squeals in excitement) Wow thank you very much sir. 

Sir Lucas: You're welcome. (Brings a book) You'll just register and sign here.... 

Bella: No problem. 

(Later that day)

(Bella calls Mrs Marshall)

Bella: Hey Mom. I called to tell you the good news....I'm going to Mexico City!!! 

Mrs Marshall: (confused) What? How? When? Why? 

Bella: Calm down Mom. Look, A man named Sir Lucas is recruiting girls to go with him to Mexico city to work in his sister's beauty company, And since I'm a good manicurist and pedicurist, I thought it was wise to follow him. 

Mrs Marshall: Did he show you a picture of this beauty company? 

Bella: Yea he did. Infact I'll send you a picture of it via WhatsApp. 

Mrs Marshall: Just be very careful and vigilant and always keep your mobile phone on incase I need to call you. 

Bella: (chuckles) Yes Mom. 

Mrs Marshall: Won't you come and see me before going? 

Bella: I would've but I have to leave tomorrow, I'm sorry. 

Mrs Marshall: Its alright my dear. I understand. Safe Journey! 

Bella: Thanks, Bye! 

Mrs Marshall: Bye...  

(Braden returns home)

Mrs Marshall: Welcome home son. 

Braden: Thanks Mom. 

Mrs Marshall: So...Did you get the job? 

Braden: Yeah I did.... 

Mrs Marshall: This is great news. Congratulations!!! 

Braden: Thanks Mom, But I'll need to be staying the palace frequently incase the King needs my services. 

Mrs Marshall: That's even better. 

Braden: But who'll be keeping you company? 

Mrs Marshall: Don't worry. Solange is always here. 

Braden: Ok then. 

Mrs Marshall: How much is the pay? 

Braden: $3,000 monthly. 

Mrs Marshall: That's good money. By the way, Bella called. She told me she's going to Mexico city. 

Braden: (suprised) To do what? 

Mrs Marshall: She's being recruited to work over there as a manicurist. 

Braden: By who? 

Mrs Marshall: She said the man taking her is a man named Sir Lucas. 

Braden: Hmm, I have a really bad feeling about this.... 

(At a hotel)

Sir Lucas: We're here! 

Bella: (looks around the room) Wow. 

Sir Lucas: Just keep your luggages over there. (points)

Bella: Okay 

Sir Lucas: So girls, Our journey to Mexico City starts tomorrow. I want you all to use this period to rest, Alright? 

Girls: Yes sir. 

Maureen: (curious) Sir, Are we traveling by air? 

Sir Lucas: You'll find out soon. 

(Sir Lucas leaves the room)

Bella: (looks at the girls in the room) Hi everyone. 

Girls: Hi

Bella: (she looks at the girl on her right) Hey, I'm Bella. (She extends her hand to shake her)

Courtney: (scornfully) What's that for? 

Bella: (puzzled) A handshake. 

(Courtney angrily hisses at Bella then walks out of the room)

Bella: (to the other girls) What's wrong with her? 

Maureen: Just forget her. Anyways, My name is Maureen. 

Bella: (smiles) I'm Bella. 

Amy: My name is Amy. 

Claire: I'm Claire. 

Irene: I'm Irene. 

Rayna: Hi. I'm Rayna. 

Bella: What about the girl that left the room? 

Maureen: Oh, That's Courtney. 

Bella: Ok then. How many are we altogether? 

Maureen: We're just seven. I'm a hair stylist and i'm going over to Mexico City so I can work in Madame Laho's beauty company. 

Amy: Me too. 

Claire: And me. 

Rayna: Yeah, All of us.

Maureen: And I think we're traveling by air. 

Amy: Until then... 

Bella: This is fantastic. It's nice meeting you all. 

Maureen: Same here. (points) Just keep your bags over there and feel at home. 

Bella: I will. 

Amy: And they're soon going to serve us mashed potatoes with apple juice for dinner. 

Bella: (excitedly) Sounds yummy. 

(That night)

Bella: (thinks) This is so unbelievable. I'll soon be going to Mexico City, A city of riches and wonders. (smiles excitedly)

(Just then, Courtney enters the room)

Courtney: Hey you! That's my space, Get up! 

Bella: (confused) But no one was here when I came. 

Courtney: (sternly) I said that's my space so get up now! 

Bella: I thought it's a "First to come, First to serve" basis? 

Courtney: (furiously) What stupid "First to come, First to serve" basis? (hisses) Get up! 

(Courtney pushes Bella away from the bed)

Maureen: (wakes up from sleep) Courtney, What's your stress? 

Courtney: (ignores her) 

Maureen: Bella please don't mind her. Come and sleep with me. 

Bella: Thank you. 

(Bella goes to Maureen's bed to sleep)

(Next Morning)


(King Anderson's palace)

Servant: Hey Braden, What's up? 

Braden: I'm good. 

Levi: (to Matthew) He's the new driver? 

Servant: Yea

Levi: Nice to meet you. 

Braden: Same here. 

(Levi shakes hands with Braden)

Levi: You know, You'll need to be coming earlier than this incase the King needs you. 

Braden: I know. I just had to do a few things before coming to the palace. 

(Princess Madeline enters the verandah)

Princess Madeline: Matthew! Call the castle's artist, Tell him I need him to have my portrait ready by tomorrow! 

Servant: (bows) Yes my princess. 

Braden: Hey

Princess Madeline: Hi. (looks at him for a moment) We met yesterday right? 

Braden: Yeah we did...(smiles) You're just like an angel. 

Princess Madeline: Thank you. 

(Just then, Jax calls her from the hallway)

Jax: Madeline! 

Princess Madeline: That's my boyfriend calling. I need to go now. 

Braden: Before you leave... 

(Braden takes Princess Madeline)

Princess Madeline: Uh what are you doing? 

Braden: It was nice meeting you. 

(Just as Braden kisses the back of Princess Madeline's hand, Jax enters the verandah) 


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