Braden and Bella 

Episode 6


(King Anderson's palace)

Jax: (To Braden) What the fuck were you doin'? 

Braden: We were just exchanging pleasantries. 

Jax: Didn't I tell you not to talk to ma girl?! (To Princess Madeline) Why were you talkin' to the help?! 

Princess Madeline: Calm down Jax, It's nothing serious... 

Braden: (To Jax) So because she's your girlfriend, She doesn't have any right to talk to other men? 

Jax: (angry) Who the hell do you think you talkin' to like that?! 

(Jax walks to Braden but Princess Madeline holds him still)

Princess Madeline: (calmly) Jax please don't cause a scene.... 

Servant & Levi: (watches everything with keen interest)

Braden: (To Jax) Get this straight. She's just your girlfriend and not your wife! 

(Jax angrily backhands Braden)

Braden: (holds his cheek angrily) What the heck... 

(He attempts to retaliate but Princess prevents him from doing so) 

Princess Madeline: Braden stop. (To Jax) What's wrong with you?!

Jax: What's wrong with me? 

Princess Madeline: Yes! You blow up over every little thing, You're so impatient and hot headed and angry! 

Jax: Unlike you. You're just a bombast! 

Princess Madeline: (sighs) It's over Jax. We're done. 

(Jax hisses at her and leaves the verandah)

Princess Madeline: (To Braden) I'm sorry for what happened. 

Braden: Its fine. 

(She leaves the verandah)

Servant: That was fun to watch. I wish you hit Jax, He deserves it. 

Braden: (looks at him) I feel for Princess Madeline. I'm the reason she broke up with Jax. 

Servant: Like she won't find another boyfriend soon. Just don't worry yourself about that. 

(At Solange's house) 

Solange: Hey Veronica? 

Mrs Marshall: Hey sis.  

Solange: I wanna ask, Has Bella called you since she left Meteor Falls? 

Mrs Marshall: Yeah she did. 

Solange: Okay good. I just want you to be checking up on her to make sure she's safe. 


(At the hotel)

Sir Lucas: Girls, Start packing! We need to start moving right away. 

Girls: Okay sir.

Bella: This is exciting. I can't wait to get to the airport. 

Maureen: (squeals happily) Me too. 

(They all go out)

Sir Lucas: Girls, I want you all to meet my associate, Trevor. He'll be following us to Mexico City. 

Trevor: Hello girls. 

Girls: Hi. 

Maureen: (excitedly) Sir Lucas, We'll be traveling by air right? 

Sir Lucas: (sternly) And did you provide money for us to travel by air? 

Maureen: (looks away sadly) Ohhh... 

Sir Lucas: Ok girls, Our journey to Mexico City begins.... 

(They all take off in a small car)

(In the car)

Maureen: (quietly) This is annoying. I wonder how many days it'll take for us to get to Mexico City since we're traveling by road. 

Amy: In other words, Our passports and visas are useless. Is it too late to turn back? 

Courtney: Why don't you ask Sir Lucas. 

Amy: (sighs) I have a feeling this journey will be perilous. 

Bella: (reassuringly) It's alright guys. Everything will be ok. 

Courtney: (hisses at her)


(At King Anderson's palace)

(Braden goes to Princess Madeline's room)

Braden: (knocks)

Princess Madeline: Who's there? Come in! 

(He enters the room)

Princess Madeline: Oh it's you. 

Braden: Hey, I came to apologize... 

Princess Madeline: (bewildered) For what? 

Braden: It was my fault you broke up with Jax. 

Princess Madeline: (giggles) You didn't have to. 

Braden: Why do you date Jax even with the  way he's behaving? You deserve someone better. 

Princess Madeline: I guess most girls just love bad boys... 

Braden: (laughs) Wow, Really? 

Princess Madeline: Hmm-mm

Braden: Well, You said "girls" and not "women" because most mature women will go for mature, responsible and loyal men and not a bad boy wannabe. Look, I'll advise you to marry someone your children will be proud to emulate. Eventually, His bad boy facade will have to fade away if he knows he wants to father children who'll see him as a role model. 

Princess Madeline: I see your point. 

Braden: I brought you something. (Takes out a small jewelry box and gives it to her) 

Princess Madeline: What's this for? 

Braden: Just to show you how much I care. 

Princess Madeline: (opens it) Wow! They're  pretty. Thanks. 

Braden: My pleasure... 

(Solange's house)

(At the dinner table)

Mrs Marshall: (bothered) Oh God, Why isn't Bella picking up? 

(Solange enters the dining room)

Solange: Sis, I made you a burrito. 

Mrs Marshall: Thanks but I'm not hungry. Food isn't on my mind right now. 

Solange: What's the matter? 

Mrs Marshall: I've been trying to call Bella but it keeps saying "not reachable", I just hope she's alright (prays) Oh God, Please protect my daughter.... 

(Just then, Her phone beeps)

Solange: Is she the one? 

Mrs Marshall: Yes. She just sent me a text saying that she's fine but I won't be able to reach her often because cell reception is really poor where she is. 

Solange: Atleast we know she's safe.... 


(They reach the woods)

Sir Lucas: Come down everyone. 

Courtney: Why're we stopping? 

Sir Lucas: We'll have to continue traveling by foot. 

(The girls looks at each other in worry)

Courtney: (impatient) Why?! 

Sir Lucas: The reason is because there are many cops at the main road and they won't allow us to pass through. (looks to the woods) This is the only way we can get through. 

Bella: But there are dangerous animals in there. 

Sir Lucas: Don't worry, If we stick together, We'll make it through....Let's go! 

(They all set off into the woods) 

Amy: (frightened) It's so creepy. (taps Bella) Aren't you scared? 

Bella: I am but I just have to endure. 

(Few minutes later, Sir Lucas and Trevor stops and turns around)

Sir Lucas: Alright girls. We have to stop here for the night. We're just gonna have to camp here. Right now, We'll need all the rest we can get because tomorrow's journey will be more stressful. 

Courtney: But we can't camp in this strange eerie forest. We don't even know what's out there. 

Sir Lucas: Don't worry. Trevor and I will keep watch over everyone, Okay? 

Girls: (frightened) Okay.

(Just then, Bella turns around and sees a creature looking at her with bright golden eyes)

Bella: Uhhh, Guys.... 

Sir Lucas: (looks at her) What it it? 

Bella: (points) Look! 

(They all turn to look as a large black furred wolf emerges from the thick forest)


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